the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine highly valued the position of the national, national, leftist, democratic, and Islamic forces and civil society institutions in the brotherly Sudan in announcing their rejection of the step of normalization between the parties of the official leadership in Sudan and the Israeli occupation state, under pressure and blackmail from the United States of America.

The Front said that the people of Sudan and their political forces carried out their popular revolution to build a new Sudan that would restore its internal peace, stability and security, economic prosperity, and freedom from the restrictions of dependency and exclusion that the United States and its allies are trying to impose on it.

The Front affirmed its high confidence in the keenness of the revolutionary forces in Sudan to safeguard the goals of the revolution and to safeguard the national position of the brotherly Sudan, and affirmed that it stood by its side in its resistance to the normalization decision, in violation of the constitution and outside the powers of the transitional leadership institutions in the Sovereignty Council and the government of the country, and that the right to decide is the Council Legislative not yet formed.

The front concluded by calling for building the widest national front in the brotherly Sudan to confront the decision to normalize and resist it, abort its results and disrupt its effects, in order to preserve the unity of Sudan’s popular position and its valiant resistance, and to preserve the national position of Sudan in the Arab circle away from the currents of normalization and partnership with the occupation state.