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, Dr. Ahmed Bahar, Acting Speaker of the Legislative Council, a delegation from the Supreme Judicial Council. The delegation was received by Dr. Bahar, MP Marwan Abu Ras.

The delegation of the Supreme Judicial Council included Counselor Muhammad Abed, Chairman of the Supreme Judicial Council, Counselor Ashraf Faris, Secretary General of the Council, Counselor Anwar Abu Sharkh, a member of the Council, Adviser Ziad Thabet, Supreme Court Judge, Supreme Court Judge Ashraf Nasrallah, and Counselor Ihab Arafat, spokesman for the Judicial Authority. And m. Maher Al-Rafati, General Director of the Courts.

The First Vice President of the Legislative Council stressed the continuation of the integration of work between the legislative and judicial authorities on the issue of enacting laws and legislations that serve the Palestinian community, calling for continued communication between the two authorities to develop legislation and laws in a way that serves the security and stability that Palestinian society lives.

Bahar said, “The state of security and stability and serious work by the courts and security agencies contributed to reducing crime rates in the Gaza Strip to the lowest possible level, stressing the need for continued coordination and work between all parties to keep society enjoying security
and stability.”
For his part, the President of the Supreme Judicial Council thanked Counselor Mohamed Abed Dr. Bahar and the Legislative Council, affirming that the Supreme Judicial Council will continue its work in order to achieve the right, and work on the principle of the rule of law, praising the state of cooperation between the legislative and judicial authorities.

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