The Islamic Jihad movement said that the agreement between Sudan and Israel is a betrayal of Palestine, a threat to the identity and future of Sudan, and a betrayal of the nation and the foundations of the Arab consensus.
And she added, in a press release, a copy of which came together, that the Sudanese regime is sliding into Sudan towards the Israeli embrace, providing a free gift to Israel, and paying out of the sustenance of the poor and displaced Sudanese people huge sums of money to obtain American satisfaction.
She explained that the Sudanese regime is thus recording a black book in the history of Sudan, the country of the Three No’s.
She added, “We are confident that the Sudanese people and the national and patriotic parties in Sudan will not accept this betrayal, and the forces of freedom and change are facing a fateful test that will determine the path of change in this country dear to our hearts.”
She indicated that Sudan is a large country and made great sacrifices for the sake of Palestine, pointing out that the Sudanese are more aware of the nature of the Israeli-American plan aimed at tearing apart the Arab countries and blocking the Islamic countries.

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