The Journalists Support Committee confirmed that the occupation continues to practice its worst violations against women journalists, especially female prisoners in the occupation prisons.
The committee said in a statement, a copy of which came together, that the National Day of Palestinian Women comes this year, and female journalists are subjected to multiple Israeli violations, including attacks, targeting, raiding their homes, arrest and subjecting them to harsh investigations during their detention.
She emphasized that the female journalists are still subjected to the most horrific violations of humiliation and dignity against them, whether on the ground while they are practicing their professional work, or in the prisons of the occupation.
The committee called for the necessity of the release of journalist Mays Abu Ghosh from the Israeli occupation prisons, as she suffers from several body pains due to deliberate medical negligence after she was tortured during the investigation.
The committee called on states, parties, women’s institutions, media blocs and human rights institutions to highlight the suffering of the captive, Mays Abu Ghosh, and to stop the ill-treatment she is continuously subjected to in contravention of Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
And the Contracting States to the Fourth Geneva Convention demanded an end to the physical and psychological assault committed by the occupation soldiers during the arrest of Palestinian journalists and their illegal detention in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, and an end to the practices of physical and psychological torture and degrading treatment against them during the investigation.