Thousands of Hamas supporters took to the streets in mass rallies in the five governorates of the Gaza Strip, from the north of the strip to the south, rejecting the insult to the Prophet Muhammad, “may God bless him and grant him peace.”

Participants in the marches chanted slogans condemning the stance of the French president and burned pictures of him, calling for a boycott of French goods.
The leader of Hamas, Hammad Al-Raqb, said during the rally in Khan Yunis that the rallies came to raise the voice that Muslims’ feelings faced a strange form of racism against the Prophet.
He added, “What Macron has done has no place to express, and the caravan of Islam will go.”

And he stressed that “President Macron challenged nearly 2 billion Muslims with his words, regardless of the feelings of these Muslims, stressing that whoever hurt the feelings of Muslims around the world fully understands that this religion is great and glory is coming to him.”
He called Raqab sages France not to cross the red lines , no matter the reason appropriate
called Raqab for a boycott of French products in the world calling for the Arab nation and Muslim to be a position more advanced because the situation so far not at the level required ,
as called for countries to withdraw ambassadors and all of the province of France forms and not to deal with institutions .
And he demanded the Palestinian Authority withdraw the Palestinian ambassador from Paris to deliver a strong message that what Macron had done was unacceptable and crossed all lines.