"Medical Services" has provided 36,000 medical services since the outbreak of Corona

The General Directorate of Military Medical Services at the Ministry of Interior and National Security has provided more than 36 thousand medical services to citizens since the spread of the Corona virus in Gaza, through its clinics and medical centers.

The Director General of Military Medical Services, Brigadier General Doctor Muhammad Saleh, said that the “service” crews are making great efforts to educate the public and groups of society about means of preventing the virus, and that the necessary arrangements are being made in this regard.

In an interview with the Ministry of Interior, Saleh added that the steps and measures being taken come according to a prior plan, and within the internationally applicable protocols by the World Health Organization.

He pointed out that the capabilities and capabilities of the military medical services have been harnessed to support and support the Palestinian Ministry of Health staff to deal with this pandemic.

He said, “The (Corona) pandemic has added an additional burden on our staff, which necessitated the mobilization of all medical personnel working around the clock.”

He explained that medical services have provided more than 36,000 various medical services to citizens through its clinics and medical centers in Gaza governorates, since the virus began spreading on August 24.

The services also held nearly two hundred educational lectures on means of prevention and safety from the virus, targeting a number of segments and groups of society, as well as individuals and members of agencies and departments at the Ministry of Interior.

Saleh stated that the Medical Services Directorate has been working according to a special emergency plan since the outbreak of the pandemic, as the main hospitals have continued to provide service to citizens, as part of the measures to limit the spread of the virus, namely the “Kamal Adwan Complex” in the North Governorate, and the “Algerian” Hospital in Khan Yunis.

He pointed out that a number of clinics and other medical centers are working partly in supporting Ministry of Health staff in taking samples and swabs for the Coronavirus.

Military medical services imposed strict precautionary measures inside hospitals and medical centers, as they evacuated outpatient clinics and referred them to quarantine places for those suspected of being infected with the Coronavirus.

The “services” have also prepared medical tents and screening and quarantine points inside hospitals.

The Director General of Medical Services stated that 200 regular operations and 78 urgent emergency operations were performed in the “Surgical Operations Department” complex “Kamal Adwan”Since the start of the pandemic.

The “Algerian” hospital in Khan Yunis operates within the health sector system, as the pediatric department of the “Gaza European” hospital affiliated to the Ministry of Health has been absorbed in it, given that the
latter has been designated as an epidemiology hospital “to treat those infected with the virus.”

According to Saleh, the “Algerian” hospital has received 5,000 cases since the beginning of the pandemic, including 1,700 children, and provided them with the necessary medical services.

On the work of the medical services in relation to the (Corona) virus tests, Saleh indicated that the specialized teams play a prominent role in supporting the Ministry of Health staff in this regard,
as it is their responsibility to periodically take the necessary swabs from the Ministry of Interior personnel and employees, in addition to taking swabs from Citizens who intended it.

He said that this role comes in the context of the participation of “services” within the Ministry’s Forces Protection Committee, which is mandated to take swabs related to (Corona), and follow up any cases of infection from officers and personnel. To preserve the safety of workers and to ensure
their continued work in the service of our people.

He continued, “We have formed a special team to follow up on taking preventive and safety measures at the level of the Ministry’s headquarters and facilities.”

Saleh indicated that the medical services have conducted random swabs for 2,700 employees of the ministry since the beginning of the pandemic, and is continuing to work in this regard.

The “services” also conducted a medical examination for all individuals who applied to work at the Ministry of Interior on the temporary employment clause, and for students applying to study at Rabat University College.

Saleh added that about 1500 swabs were conducted for citizens in all governorates of the Gaza Strip, and delivered to the central laboratory of the Ministry of Health, within the framework of joint cooperation.

He explained that – as part of the efforts to support the Ministry of Health crews – the number of ambulances operating to transport people infected with Coronavirus has increased, as about 1,100 cases were transferred to hospitals and isolation centers.

In a related context, Saleh referred to the work of medical service teams in the clinics of inmates in the reform and rehabilitation centers to prevent the spread of the epidemic among inmates, as those crews are quarantined on a rotation system for a period of 14 days inside the centers, follow up the conditions of inmates, provide medical services to them, as well as take swabs. They were randomly assigned to test for

Saleh explained that the services conducted 270 sterilization operations at the headquarters of the security services, eyeglasses, and correction and rehabilitation centers, and carried out 145 awareness activities.

The services also organize medical supervision campaigns for 25 glasses in police centers, and distributed more than 15,000 masks and health supplies to workers in the ministry.

Regarding the number of people infected with the Coronavirus among the employees of the medical services, Saleh confirmed that 21 of the directorate’s staff were infected with the virus during the performance of their work, explaining that 20 of them have recovered, while one case remains under medical isolation.

Saleh stressed that any health sector in the world faced obstacles during the confrontation with the Corona virus, noting that Gaza had faced the epidemic ably, despite its difficult conditions due to the blockade, the lack of resources and capabilities, and the scarcity of medicines and medical supplies.

He added, “Despite this reality, we continued to work to confront this virus, and to prevent it from spreading widely among our people.”

The Director General of Medical Services reiterated the need for all our people in the sector to adhere to preventive and safety measures, calling on citizens not to be reckless, and to adhere to wearing a mask, physical distancing, and constant personal hygiene.