The Committee for Prisoners and Executives Affairs in the southern governorates called on Monday on the occasion of the National Day of Palestinian Women, which falls on October 26 of each year, and human rights, humanitarian and international organizations working in women’s affairs to stop violations against (39) Palestinian female prisoners in Israeli prisons, including two prisoners From the Gaza Strip, they are (the captive Nisreen Abu Kamil (46 years), who has been detained since October 18, 2015 and sentenced to 6 years, and the captive Samar Abu Daher (37 years) from the city of Khan Yunis, who has been detained since December 6, 2018 and who is sentenced to two and a half years), both of whom are sick and complain of medical negligence. The occupation authorities arrested Abu Kamil and Daher while crossing the Beit Hanoun / Erez crossing, in two separate incidents.

The authority in Gaza said that the Prisons Authority administration carried out many violations with the aim of restricting female prisoners, such as the policy of medical recklessness, searches and incursions, not allowing them to enter their needs from outside with families, and ill treatment by the prison administration during arrest and investigation, in prisons and during transportation in Al-Bosta, as well as medical negligence.

The authority in Gaza added that there are strict measures against them that have not been stopped, such as fines, deterrent verdicts, harsh investigations and putting obstacles in the way of regular visits, while the families of the two families Abu Kamil and Abu Zahir have not been allowed to visit since the start of the Corona crisis in the region last March, and the prison administration has not provided them with alternative means of communication. .

The authority in Gaza indicated that the prisoners are subjected to humiliating searches, and they are prevented from taking the general secondary examination (Tawjihi), joining the university, not inserting books, and not providing the necessary treatment for their patients.

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