Record number of injuries: one death and 276 new cases of corona in Gaza

The Ministry of Health in Gaza announced today, Thursday, that it has recorded a death and 276 new cases of Coronavirus, after conducting a laboratory examination of 2,155 samples, the highest outcome since the outbreak of the virus in the Gaza Strip.

The Ministry of Health confirmed the death of Mahmoud Masoud, a 63-year-old soldier, in intensive care at Al-Shifa Medical Hospital, which raises the number of deaths from the Corona virus to 32 cases.

The Ministry of Health indicated in its daily report that 145 cases have recovered, which brings the number of people recovering to 3802 cases.

The Ministry of Health stated that the total number of injuries since last March reached 6,169, of which 2335 were active cases.

North Gaza governorate recorded the highest rate of injuries in recent hours, as the number of injured reached 140, followed by Gaza governorate with 79 injuries, and 44 in Khan Yunis.