President of the Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip, Yahya Sinwar, affirmed that his movement’s permanent stance stems from its firm vision of the need to unify the Palestinian home, and it considers achieving national unity a strategic goal that has spared no effort to achieve it.

Sinwar said in a message addressed to five thousand public figures, notables, mayors, civil society figures, prominent feminist cadres, writers and intellectuals, that his movement is aware of the magnitude of the dangers and threats that plague the Palestinian cause, and in order to confront them, it seeks to mobilize all the energies and forces of our people to confront the projects of the Deal of the Century, annexation and normalization.
The message included important details on the path of the national dialogue, and the steps that have been taken to date in terms of the meetings between the Palestinian factions within the framework of the comprehensive dialogue.
Sinwar called on the personalities and dignitaries to support and support the efforts of national unity through their influential positions in society, stressing that the next stage will witness more meetings at the national level to build on what has been done in the different tracks, which requires concerted national and popular efforts.
He indicated that the movement’s leadership will remain at the center of every Palestinian effort and national stance that rejects and resists plans and plots of annexation and normalization, and that Hamas will remain a help and support for everyone who wants to arm its stances against the occupation.