Abu Hamza, the military spokesman for the Al-Quds Brigades, said that the next battle with the Israeli occupation will be completely different tactics, which the field will witness in reality, and we will not want to disclose it.
“Vital places and sensitive facilities will be in the circle of targeting us in any battle in which the resistance might take this decision,” he added in a press statement, a copy of which came together on the anniversary of the launch of jihad.
He continued, 33 years after the jihadist start of the Islamic Jihad movement in Palestine, which formed a qualitative and differentiated event entitled “Islam, Jihad, Palestine”, to continue with the idea of ​​the founding leader Dr. Fathi Shikaki as a counter-system to the Israeli colonial project.
He stressed that the Palestinian people, with their steadfastness, were able to deal with all conspiracies and attempts aimed at obliterating their cause and bringing them to their knees and undermining their resolve.
Abu Hamza mentioned the achievements of his movement by recording many military and security achievements over the past three decades, most notably martyrdom operations, the bombing of Tel Aviv, sniping soldiers, targeting vehicles from the air via drones, as well as security strikes, the latest of which was the complex security achievement, Spider Web.
He stressed that the strategic and precise goal of our continuous jihad is the liberation of historic Palestine from the river to the sea, and for the sake of this we will work hard to target the Israeli occupation wherever it is sea, land or air, and will not enjoy security no matter what sacrifices it costs us.
He renewed his movement’s absolute adherence to the foundations of the cause and its prisoners ’foundations, Jerusalem, and the return of refugees, and defeated the occupier for every inch of Palestine, saying,“ We ​​will preserve the trust of blood and will continue the march until victory or liberation. ”
He pointed out that the memory of the jihadi start this year is passing by, and we are pained by the departure of the great national leader, Dr. Ramadan Abdullah Shalah, and the leader of the Palestinian resistance staff, the martyr Bahaa Abu Al-Atta.