The Ministry of Economy organizes inspection tours of bakeries in Gaza Governorate

The engineering teams of the General Administration of Industry at the Ministry of National Economy organized inspection tours of bakeries in the Gaza governorate.
The General Administration of Media and Public Relations at the ministry said: “The Food Industries Division of the General Administration of Industry in Gaza Governorate organized a field tour to the bakeries to ensure the extent of the compliance of the owners of these factories and establishments with the health conditions and instructions that must be followed during work to maintain the safety and security of citizens.”

The tour included a visit to three bakeries in the governorate, during which the technical instructions and instructions for the bakeries were directed, the production lines were inspected, and the importance of adherence to safety and preventive measures for the place and workers in light of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Food and Handicraft Industries Department of the Ministry of Industrial Development followed up the goods for gas supplies coming through the Kerem Shalom Crossing and took samples of gas furnishings and accessories for laboratory testing to ensure their safety before reaching the consumer, this comes to ensure the quality of manufactured goods and gases, and their conformity with Palestinian specifications.