The Palestinian Arab League calls on the media to shed light on the issue of the prisoners

Rami Farajallah, Media Officer for the Palestinian Arab Front, called on the various media outlets, especially digital ones, to intensify their efforts and shed light on the issue of the prisoners, especially the prisoner Maher Al-Akhras, who is on hunger strike for the 87th day in a row.

Faraj Allah clarified that the issue of the prisoners must take a media dimension from turning around the sympathy of the world, as the world today only understands a language that stirs its emotions, indicating that the issue of our prisoners is a just cause, pointing to the intensification of efforts to convey the prisoners’ messages to the Western world.

Faraj Allah said: “The media makes a big noise for any just cause that makes the world support it and support it,” stressing that the media has become a key player in the success of any issue, noting that the Palestinian media must convey the suffering of our families in the official world languages, pointing out that the media focused on The hunger striking prisoners, especially the captive Maher Al-Akhras, appreciated its role in internationalizing the issue of Palestinian prisoners, pointing out that the media, by transmitting images of the prisoners ‘suffering, prompted dozens of young people to form groups on social media platforms to take the prisoners’ issue into political, humanitarian, and psychological dimensions

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