The International Committee of the Red Cross has expressed its grave concern about the deteriorating health of the hunger striking prisoner, Maher Al-Akhras.

In a press release, the ICRC’s head of health in Israel and the Occupied Territories, Yves Gibbins, said in a press release, that ICRC doctors are visiting al-Akhras and closely monitoring his situation, and that more than 85 days after the hunger strike, we are concerned about the potential health consequences that are not Its return from a medical perspective, and the mute captive is entering a critical stage.
“The International Red Cross, as a neutral humanitarian institution, does not support or condemn the hunger strike,” he added.
He pointed out that the ICRC employees are monitoring the situation of the hunger strikers to ensure that they are treated with respect, that they receive appropriate medical care, and are allowed to stay in contact with their families. The last visit of the prisoner was today.
The ICRC urged the relevant authorities, the patient and his representatives to find a solution to avoid losing his life.

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