The Supreme Sports Council celebrates the opening of the development of Palestine Stadium facilities and honors the Rafah youth

The Supreme Council for Youth and Sports celebrated the inauguration of a project to develop the facilities of the Palestine International Stadium, with a total value of $ 2.5 million, funded by the State of Qatar and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and honoring the Rafah Youth Club, the Palestine Cup champion – for the southern governorates and providing a financial reward to the club With a value of (5000) dollars, this Friday evening, in the presence of Dr. Mohamed Awad, Head of Governmental Work Follow-up, Abdel Salam Haniyeh, Assistant Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for Youth and Sports, and Dr. Anwar Al-Shaer, mayor of Rafah, Ibrahim Abu Salim, Vice President of the Football Association, Jalal Abu Nar, President of the Rafah Youth Club, Issam Qeshta, member of the Executive Office of the Olympic Committee, members of the FIFA Board of Directors, and sports figures.

Dr. praised. Mohamed Awad, head of government work follow-up in his speech on the sports system, congratulated the Rafah youth club with the title of the cup, and thanked Dr. Awad for the efforts of Abdel Salam Haniyeh in supporting the sports sector, developing the infrastructure and developing the Palestine Stadium, which was destroyed by the Israeli occupation, and confirmed that it supports all efforts aimed at developing sports And the inclusion of young people in activities and games that build bodies and develop minds.

Abdel Salam Haniyeh, Assistant Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for Youth and Sports gave a speech in which he thanked Dr. Mohamed Awad for his support to the sports sector and his support for the programs and projects implemented by the Supreme Council, and Haniyeh stressed that developing the infrastructure is an essential part in the advancement of the sports sector in parallel with supporting sports championships despite the circumstances He congratulated the Rafah youth club after winning the cup and adding a new tournament to the treasury of the ancient club.

He also praised the Football Association, the sports system and the preparation for the launch of the new season of the league next month, and said that the council, in cooperation with the government work follow-up committee, will provide $ 200,000 in support, in addition to providing a sports bag for players in support of clubs before the start of the football season.

In turn, Ibrahim Abu Salim pointed to the importance of government support and the efforts made by Abd al-Salam Haniyeh in sponsoring and continuing sports activity, and providing the appropriate environment to maintain the regularity of sports tournaments, and congratulated the youth of Rafah with the title of the cup, and Abu Salim said that his union continues to prepare for the start of the league and seeks to create an atmosphere for the continuation of activity The athlete, in light of the health measures that accompany the prevention of the “Corona” epidemic.

The ceremony hosted by Palestine Stadium on the spotlight included the inauguration of the stadium development project and a tour of Dr. Muhammad Awad accompanied by Abd al-Salam Haniyeh to the facilities that included the late Azmi Nassar training hall and attached offices, the track around the stadium, in addition to the hall of the two martyrs Al-Wazir and Al-Rantisi for bodybuilding and fitness. The ceremony included honoring the family of the late Ghazi Gharib, a sports journalist and a cadre of the Rafah Youth Club, the Football Association honoring the players, the technical staff and the management of the Rafah Youth Club.

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