the Union of Palestinian Women’s Committees organized today, Sunday, a solidarity stand in front of the Red Cross headquarters in Gaza City to mark the one-year anniversary of the arrest of the militant Khaleda Jarrar, and with the entry of the heroic prisoner Maher Al-Akhras on the ninety-first day on his hunger strike.

The vigil was attended by a group of prominent national and political figures, and a number of feminist figures and workers in women’s rights organizations.

In turn, Soheir Khader, a member of the Executive Office of the Union of Women Committees, sent a greeting of pride and pride to all female prisoners and prisoners in the prisons of the occupation, on top of them the comrade General Secretary of the Front Ahmed Saadat, and the leaders Marwan Barghouti, Hassan Salama, Zaid Bseiso, Wajdi Judeh, Basem Khandaqji Israa al-Jaabees, Maher al-Akhras And all the female prisoners and captives.

Khader pointed out that the continued detention of MP Jarrar comes within the framework of the racist occupation policy to silence the voice of a free, resisting feminist, and a stubborn national symbol that has always faced Zionist arrogance and criminal practices on the ground, and a militant that has always confronted any deviations, decline, or political concessions.

She indicated that the enemy’s continuation of its systematic policy of revenge against the militant Khaleda Jarrar will not break her will and will increase her strength and determination to continue her struggle role, stressing that the arrest and absence of national symbols is a miserable policy that will not achieve its objectives in isolating these symbols from our national issues.

Khader emphasized that the battle of female prisoners and prisoners that they are fighting against the Prisons Authority is the battle of the entire Palestinian people, and it is not permissible for anyone to evade the battle for the support of prisoners, especially by the bodies, frameworks and women’s unions, who bear more responsibility for raising their voice loudly in support of the prisoners and prisoners inside prisons. She added, “The unity of the national position embodied in the effort to restore unity and achieve reconciliation constitutes a strong support for the prisoners in their battle.”

During the stand, Khader called for the need to form the largest national and international campaign against the continued detention of MP Jarrar, and to end the suffering of the prisoner Maher Al-Akhras, warning of the seriousness and consequences of the deterioration of his health status, and of the continuing occupation violations against female prisoners and prisoners.

She also pointed out that the International Red Cross’s failure to play its required and natural role in ending the suffering of male and female prisoners is exploited by the occupation and the interest of its terrorist prisons to escalate their measures against the prisoners.

She stressed the need to activate the role of all parliamentary institutions and bodies in exposing the occupation’s crimes against the prisoners, isolating him and holding him accountable before international courts for his criminal policies that he commits against them, especially the policy of administrative detention, isolation, medical negligence, and the arrest of minor children, the sick, and the elderly in difficult detention conditions.

At the end of her speech, Khader expressed her complete confidence that MP Jarrar is able to thwart the enemy’s goals behind her continued detention, as she had previously foiled the plan to deport her, and she also endured for many months in the cells, stressing that the pain and suffering of the female prisoners and prisoners, at the forefront of them is the suffering of the captive Maher al-Akhras and the captive Israa al-Jaabis Dozens of sick and administrative prisoners and underage children will turn into a flame that burns the occupation and its policies, and forces it to submit to the rights of the prisoners

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