MP Jamal Al-Khudari, head of the Popular Committee Against the Siege, appealed to donors to urgently provide financial support to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) to be able to provide its services to refugees without any cuts.

Al-Khudari confirmed in a press statement, a copy of which came together, that the UNRWA crisis is serious and must be overcome very quickly. .

Al-Khudari mentioned that UNRWA had declared that it needed $ 115 million to overcome the barrier that might push it to take steps to reduce its services.

He pointed out that the refugee feels instability, and tens of thousands of families suffer from food insecurity, while unemployment and poverty rates are high in all the camps, and this means the need to work to increase the services provided by UNRWA, not reduce them.

He stressed that compromising the services provided to refugees has serious effects and major repercussions, as tens of thousands of families live on this aid and there is no other alternative to it, and prejudice to these services means compromising the continuation of the refugees’ lives.

Al-Khudari called on the international community, which calls for justice and equality, and the fight against poverty and unemployment, to have a clear position that cannot be interpreted in support of UNRWA.

Al-Khudari said, “UNRWA’s work must be maintained in a normal and regular manner, and enable it, according to the United Nations General Assembly resolution, to perform its tasks, as it has been delegated to work in areas where refugees are located, and therefore this must be protected by an unaffected financial cover.”

He added, “The new American president, Joe Biden, said that he would not cut support for UNRWA, while the Israeli vision is to stop and limit the work of the international agency within the deal of the century,” stressing that work to curtail it must be met with urgent international support.

Al-Khudari hopes that the new US administration will have practical steps to stop the previous procedures, to prevent the transfer of funds for UNRWA, and to address this issue, let it be retroactive, so that UNRWA can play its role and address the increasingly difficult refugee crises.