Democracy: Receiving a delegation of settlers in the UAE and buying their products is a flawed move

the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine considered the reception of the ruling regime in the United Arab Emirates with a delegation of businessmen from the Israeli settlements in the Palestinian West Bank, disgraceful and disappointing, and a new sliding into the swamp of dependency on the Trump administration’s policy that goes beyond the limits of normalization in its economic, political, legal and moral content and targets The rights of our Palestinian people and the interests and capabilities of the Arab peoples.

A member of the Central Committee of the Democratic Front, Comrade Wissam Zoghbar, warned, in statements to a number of media outlets, of the normalization steps that harm the Palestinian-Emirati relations and the interests of the Palestinian people and their struggles.

Zoghbar expressed his disapproval of the UAE’s normalization measures to market settlement goods and products, which belie its claims that the aim of normalization is to support the Palestinian cause and stop plans to annex lands in the Palestinian West Bank, at a time when the international boycott movement “BDS” is escalating with campaigns to boycott Israeli goods and institutions in all fields, and continues European Union policy of boycotting settlements and their products.

The leader of the Democratic Front stressed that dealing with settlers and concluding cooperation agreements with them to buy goods from Israeli settlements in the Palestinian West Bank is a threat to the future of the Palestinian national project, and participating in the ongoing Israeli aggressive war against our Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip and the Palestinian West Bank, including occupied Jerusalem, and encouraging the Israeli occupation On the plunder of more lands, displacement and displacement of Palestinians, the building of more settlements and the creation of thousands of settlers.

Zogbar called on the Arab League to define its position on the close cooperation between the ruling regime in the Emirates and the settlers’ herds, which constitutes a clear violation of the decisions of the Arab summits, including boycotting settlements and their products.

Zogbar called on the parties, political and societal forces, and the Emirati people to shoulder their national and national responsibilities in condemning and rejecting the Emirati cooperation with the settlers, defending the Palestinian cause and national rights, and standing by the side of our Palestinian people and their right to return, self-determination, independence and comprehensive resistance.

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