Gaza - warning of the impact of fuel shortages on services provided to citizens

the Gaza municipality confirmed that it needs to provide sufficient quantities of fuel to work, especially during depressions and emergency situations that the city is exposed to, explaining that the lack of fuel needed for the municipality’s work will lead to a significant decline in the level of basic services provided by the municipality to citizens in the city.

The municipality said that the amount of fuel currently available does not exceed 3000 liters, which is a small amount that is not sufficient to work, especially in times of emergency and weather depressions in which the municipality needs a relatively larger amount due to the continuous work around the clock in providing services and drainage of rainwater.

The municipality called on citizens in the city, especially the able-bodied group, to pay the service bill or part of it, and to take advantage of the financial facilities that the municipality provides to citizens to enable it to continue providing basic services and help it overcome the crisis.

And she stressed that failure to respond to the municipality’s request and the provision of the necessary fuel will lead to major repercussions and a decline in the level of basic services such as cleaning, water supply, sewage overflow treatment and other services.

She indicated that she is in constant contact with the Ministry of Local Government to work to assist the municipality in providing the necessary fuel and with government support at the expense of clearing between the municipality and government institutions, stressing that it will spare no effort to continue providing services and urging the relevant authorities to support the municipality in facing the difficult challenges facing the municipality And the sector in general.

It is noteworthy that the Gaza municipality suffers from a severe financial crisis due to the decline in its financial revenues and the failure of a large percentage of citizens to pay the service bill, especially during the Corona pandemic, which has greatly affected all sectors of the local economy.