Hamas: Fatah’s talk of its interest in the reconciliation process contradicts the behavior of its leadership

The Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) said today, Friday: Fatah’s talk of its interest in the reconciliation process completely contradicts the behavior of its leadership, which is contrary to the national consensus.
She added, according to her spokesperson, Hazem Qasim, in a statement received by Dunia al-Watan, a copy of it: that this behavior was finally embodied by the Authority’s decision to return to work in agreements with the occupation and security coordination with its army.
Hamas demanded the authority to “return to the square of national consensus and to undo its return to security coordination.”
President Mahmoud Abbas confirmed yesterday, Thursday, that the option to end the division and build the partnership is an irreversible strategic choice for the Fatah movement and its frameworks, stressing that (Fatah) is committed to all the understandings that were achieved in the Istanbul, Doha, Beirut and Damascus dialogues, and the outcomes of the meeting. The general secretaries of the factions, and the Istanbul understandings between (Fatah) and (Hamas), which were approved by all the national action factions.
The President also affirmed his unconditional commitment to building the national partnership through elections, with full proportional representation, for the Legislative Council, then presidential elections, then elections for the National Council, respectively and interdependence in accordance with the law.

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