Ismail Haniyeh, head of the political bureau of Hamas, said that his movement is committed to national unity and achieving reconciliation, and will not back down from the steps it has started.
“Al-Quds is a trust .. normalization is a betrayal,” Haniyeh added in the first electronic conference of the pioneers. Normalization does not express the conscience of our nation, but rather is isolated from the feelings, thought and culture of this nation. ”And
he continued, his movement built a strategy to confront this triangle based on several circles, the first circle Unifying the Palestinian people and possessing all means of force to confront the plan to liquidate the issue, the second circle is adherence to the resistance project, the third circle, arranging our Arab and Islamic depths, and the fourth circle, opening up to all the free people of the world and making use of all energies to establish the Palestinian right.
He explained that the deal of the century aims to create an environment that is not incubated for the Palestinian cause, stressing that the nature of the challenge in which we are in is of a strategic nature, so the response must be of a strategic nature.
He added, “We want to close the page of the conflict between the nation and open a page of the conflict between the nation and the central enemy of the Israeli occupation, saying,” We have noticed that the nation and its people , despite the conditions experienced by, but they invest the strengths of the defense of the sacred issues. “
He stressed the need Moving the level of support from the soft powers to the support with the power of money and weapons
Haniyeh called on the brothers in the Palestinian arena not to return to the trap of negotiations and go about what is useless, and
indicated that the prisoner Maher al-Akhras, who defeated his jailers, is an example that whoever continues to challenge him will win.