People's Party: Let us join efforts to consolidate the Declaration of Independence

The Palestinian People’s Party called for the need to strengthen the unified confrontation of the dangers to which the Palestinian national issue is exposed, through the speedy implementation of all practical steps for the decisions of the National and Central Councils, and the announcement of the Palestinian leadership on 5/19/2020 considering the agreements with the occupation state (expired) And the decisions of the secretaries-general meeting on 3/9/2020.
The People’s Party said in a statement it issued, on Saturday, on the occasion of the 32nd anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, that this declaration charted for our people the features of the homeland and the political system that it wants, as it was an expression of its national will and democratic values ​​for which it has long strived, and it also expressed its desire for liberation, freedom and independence. And the will of his struggle in the face of the Zionist occupation and aggression and all forms of oppression.
On the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, the party stressed the need for concerted and focused all national efforts in order to consecrate independence on the ground through serious steps to end the division and achieve reconciliation and restore the unity of all components of the Palestinian political system, foremost of which is the Palestine Liberation Organization, the sole legitimate representative of our people, in a way that paves the way for embodying the establishment The independent state of Palestine, with Jerusalem as its capital, on all the lands occupied in 1967 and ensuring the right of refugees to return to their homes in accordance with Resolution 194, in order to protect and consecrate the social and democratic rights of our people in all fields.
The People’s Party also warned on this occasion against any retreat from the recent Palestinian political decisions under any pretext, stressing the need to adopt an integrated national strategy to confront all the risks and challenges facing our people, protect their gains, and strengthen the struggle for their inalienable national rights stipulated in international legitimacy resolutions.

In this regard, he called for the speedy concerted action of all national efforts in order to:
1. Enhance the national identity and unity of our people and the interdependence of their struggles in all places of their presence, and to reinforce the role of the PLO and preserve the unity of its political representation of our people as a broad front and leadership of the national liberation movement.
2. Escalating and expanding the popular resistance and building its front and its unified leadership throughout the country, leading to a comprehensive popular uprising against the occupation, and to expanding and devoting a comprehensive boycott of the occupation and all its products and supporting the BDS movement at home and abroad based on the fact that the current central issue and mission is to end this occupation completely Demonstrations on the lands of the Palestinian state on the borders of June 4, 1967.
3. Strengthening the steadfastness of our people and meeting their living needs and preserving their human dignity, freedoms and democratic rights included in the Declaration of Independence document and later the Palestinian Basic Law, calling for an end to any infringement upon these rights and freedoms in the various Palestinian territories, and reconsidering the approach and policies of the Palestinian government, in a manner that guarantees social rights Especially for all popular groups, as well as strengthening the separation of powers, the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary.