The European Union has provided financial support of 900 thousand euros to help Palestinian farmers in the Gaza Strip, who are affected by the practices of the Israeli occupation.

The union said in a statement, today, Friday, that this contribution is channeled through the “Agricultural Risk and Insurance Fund” of the Ministry of Agriculture, and includes providing agricultural materials, inputs and equipment to help farmers restore their damaged businesses and develop their businesses.

He added that 88 farmers and agricultural companies, affected by the practices of the Israeli occupation in the Gaza Strip, will benefit from this contribution.

The European Union indicated that this contribution will raise the total number of beneficiaries of this fund in the Gaza Strip to 259 farmers who received about 5.5 million euros from the Union funds, to rebuild and replace the damaged capital in addition to supporting business development.

The representative of the European Union, Seven Kun von Burgsdorf, said that agriculture is one of the main pillars of the Palestinian economy, and an integral part of its cultural, economic and social fabric, as it links Palestinians to their land and remains the main source of livelihood in the face of a difficult reality in many areas of the occupied Palestinian territory.

He added that in Gaza, many farmers lost their agricultural businesses and remained without any source of income, as the European Union and the Palestinian government worked together to enable affected farmers to resume and develop their economic activities.

Burgsdorf pointed out that supporting farmers will help fight poverty, create job opportunities amid high unemployment and poverty rates, and contribute to efforts to build an independent Palestinian state in the future, with a viable economy.