Gaza: Two deaths and 406 new cases of Corona

The number of Coronavirus infections in the Gaza Strip has increased dramatically during the past twenty-four hours, and the Ministry of Health in Gaza announced today, Sunday, the death of two citizens, and the registration of 406 new infections with the Corona virus.

In its daily statement, the Ministry of Health confirmed the death of a 69-year-old citizen and a 78-year-old citizen inside Al-Shifa Medical Complex, which raises the total death toll to 48 deaths.

In its daily report, the Ministry of Health indicated that 293 cases had recovered, raising the number of people recovering to 7,261.

The Ministry of Health stated that the total number of injuries since last March reached 10,532, of which 3223 were active cases.

Today, the Ministry of the Interior in Gaza will impose strict measures to prevent the spread of the virus, including the closure of shops and commercial establishments, starting at five o’clock, and the tightening of the curfew at eight o’clock, in addition to preventing the participation of more than fifteen citizens in weddings and mourning homes, with an emphasis on wearing a mask.