The Ministry of Health in Gaza announced , that two deaths and 486 new cases of Coronavirus have been recorded, after conducting a laboratory examination of 2,412 samples.
The Ministry of Health confirmed the death of a sixty-six-year-old citizen and a 73-year-old citizen in the Gaza and European Hospital, which brings the number of deaths since March to fifty deaths.
In its daily report, the Ministry of Health indicated that 305 cases had recovered, which brings the number of people recovering to 7,876 cases.
The Ministry of Health stated that the total number of injured persons since last March reached 11,471, including 3545 active injuries.
The Ministry of Interior in Gaza has begun to tighten procedures on homes that are subject to home quarantine, and is currently securing 1,450 homes, and legal measures are being taken against those who violate the home quarantine amid fears of an increase in injuries in the winter season.