The Ministry of Health in Gaza announced today, Thursday, that 7 deaths and 586 new cases of Coronavirus have been recorded, after conducting a laboratory examination of 1650 samples during the past 24 hours, equivalent to 35.5% of the sample percentage.

In its daily report, the Ministry of Health confirmed the death of seven citizens as a result of infection with Corona, which raises the number of deaths to 169 deaths.

Health indicated that 832 cases had recovered, bringing the number of people recovering to 16,695.

Gaza governorate recorded 153 new cases of corona, while Khan Yunis governorate recorded 144 injuries, followed by the central governorate with 141 cases, then the north, 80 cases, and finally, Rafah, 68 injuries.

The Ministry of Health stated that the total number of injured people since last March reached 26,817, of which 9,953 were active cases.

The Ministry of Health confirmed that the total number of cases that need medical care in the hospital is 350, and the total of severe and critical cases is 156.

A comprehensive closure on the governorates of the Gaza Strip begins on Thursday evening and will continue until Sunday morning.

The Interior Ministry decided to separate the governorates from each other and apply a strict curfew that covers all sectors of life, including laboratories, and excludes only pharmacies.