Al-Arabiya TV: Egypt laid the outlines of a prisoner exchange deal between Hamas and Israel

(Al-Arabiya) TV, according to an unnamed source, announced that a high-level Egyptian security meeting will soon be held with the Israeli side.

The channel reported that the Egyptian delegation discussed the prisoner exchange file between Hamas and Israel, saying: “Hamas submitted its demands to be presented to the Israeli side.”

The source pointed out that Cairo would present Hamas’s demands to Israel in the coming days, noting that Cairo had laid down the outlines of a prisoner exchange deal between Hamas and Israel.

The channel, quoting its source, confirmed that Egypt is working to reach an agreement and will present the vision of each side to the other, adding: Israel demanded Egypt to convince Hamas of the prisoner exchange deal at the earliest opportunity.

The source also stated that Hamas pledged not to launch a proxy war and not to escalate, explaining that Cairo demanded Hamas not to engage itself in any conflicts, in addition to stopping firing any rockets towards Israel.

He also indicated that Egypt called on Hamas not to follow Iran in any possible escalation.

The source announced that delegations from Hamas and Fatah would visit Cairo for consultations on Palestinian reconciliation. 

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