MP Jamal Al-Khudari, Chairman of the Popular Committee Against the Siege, welcomed the visit of the delegation of European Union ambassadors to the Authority to the Gaza Strip, stressing the need to work to lift the siege and to ensure urgent health and humanitarian needs.

In a press statement issued today, Tuesday, 8-12-2020, Al-Khudari described the visit as extremely important, as the health, humanitarian and economic conditions are unprecedentedly deteriorating in the sector due to the Israeli blockade of 14 years, in addition to what resulted from the outbreak of the Corona virus in light of the decaying health sectors And economical.

Al-Khoudary said, “Certainly, the visit will reveal very important facts to the ambassadors, about the effects of the Israeli blockade that brought 85% of the population of the Gaza Strip below the poverty line, and raised unemployment rates to nearly 60%, while the deficit in medical supplies has increased dramatically to confront Corona.

He stressed the need for concrete practical steps to follow in two directions, the first and urgently to secure health and humanitarian needs, and to lay down plans to reduce unemployment rates, by setting up development projects to reduce unemployment and poverty rates.

“The second trend is to exert real pressure on the Israeli occupation to lift the blockade, and to enable our people in Gaza to work freely without restrictions, whether in the movement of crossings for goods or in the movement of individuals without restrictions, as all international treaties and conventions have guaranteed them,” he added.

Al-Khudari pointed out that the Israeli occupation continues to impose restrictions on the entry of hundreds of goods and goods into Gaza, the most important of which are the raw materials needed for industry, as well as on the export process, which exacerbates the suffering of the economic sectors (industrial, commercial and agricultural).

He indicated that 80% of factories are closed due to aggression and blockade, and about 400,000 workers are unemployed.

Al-Khoudary reiterated that the blockade imposed on Gaza is illegal, immoral and inhuman, and contradicts principles of international law, the Fourth Geneva Convention and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

He said, “Therefore, every step towards work to lift the siege on Gaza and secure humanitarian and health needs is consistent with all principles of international law, and clear steps are required to be implemented, following this estimated visit by the European Union delegation.”