The Corona pandemic in 2020 cast a dark shadow over the lives of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, which was hit by about forty thousand Palestinians, while 371 Palestinians lost their lives.

A crisis has doubled the suffering of the health sector, which was suffering before Corona, prompting the Palestinian factions to launch towards Israel and hold it responsible as it is besieging Gaza to pressure it to enter the requirements to confront Corona.

Three confrontations with the Israeli occupation erupted against the background of Corona, among the 12 limited confrontations with the occupation forces in the Gaza Strip, and the Egyptian and Qatari mediator was always present to calm down, so that the rounds of escalation remained less stressful than the past two years.

Gaza offered seven martyrs during the year 2020, most notably the martyr Muhammad al-Naem, who was martyred in the east of Khan Yunis, in the south of the Gaza Strip, at the tanks that killed him in front of the public eye, while three East Maghazi students were killed and a prisoner inside prisons and two of those affected by their wounds during the return marches.

In the year 2000, contacts with the Israeli occupation did not result in a new exchange deal to release Palestinian prisoners in exchange for four missing Israeli soldiers in Gaza despite the initiative launched by Hamas leader in Gaza, Yahya Sinwar, against the backdrop of the Corona crisis.

The year witnessed the death of fishermen Hassan and Mahmoud Al-Zaazoua by the Egyptian navy bullets and the continued arrest of their brother.

On the political level, reconciliation remained frozen despite the movement that witnessed the year 2000 of rounds of dialogue that did not fulfill the requirements.

Gaza residents hope that 2021 will witness the end of the siege on them and the return of national unity.

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