Hamas condemns the occupation’s decision to prevent the prisoners from being given the Coronavirus vaccine

Dr. Basem Naeem, a member of the International Relations Office of Hamas, said that the decision of the Israeli Minister of Internal Security to prevent the vaccination of Palestinian prisoners with an anti-Coronavirus vaccine violates international law and international humanitarian law, especially the Geneva Conventions.
In a press statement, a copy of which came together, he confirmed that this decision is a war crime in which the occupying power violates the rights of prisoners in its prisons, and reflects racism towards non-Jews, a behavior expected after the Israeli Knesset approved the racist “Jewish State” law in 2018.
He added, “Articles (146) and (147) of the Fourth Geneva Convention, which the occupying power has signed, obligate it to provide health care and the necessary treatment for Palestinian prisoners as prisoners of war.”
Naim held the occupying power fully responsible for the lives of thousands of prisoners in its prisons, especially children, women, the sick and the elderly.
He called on the international community to put pressure on the occupying power to include the prisoners in the vaccination campaign, as well as the International Committee of the Red Cross to play its role in this regard.