Hamas: Failure to achieve reconciliation does not prevent continued efforts to achieve it

a member of the political bureau of the Islamic Resistance Movement of Hamas and the head of the Office of National Relations, Hussam Badran, said that failure to achieve reconciliation does not prevent the continuation of efforts to achieve it.

Badran clarified in an electronic interview that the Authority’s decision to return to relations with the occupation thwarted reconciliation efforts and disturbed the balance of all Palestinian relations, not just the relationship between Hamas and Fatah, and therefore we want the Palestinian decision-selection mechanism to be clear and dependent on all components of our people.

He stressed that the movement is intensifying in our dialogues with Fatah on the file of rearranging and reviving the Palestine Liberation Organization because it is the mother of the Palestinian Authority and its largest framework, and we want to participate in and activate this institution, to develop Palestinian work.

He explained that Hamas seeks to be part of the Palestinian institutions, especially the PLO, without uniqueness, but in cooperation and partnership with all of our people.

He stressed that the movement seeks a full Palestinian partnership with Fatah, and all factions of our people, and we seek partnership in decisions, institutions and the field of resistance.

He noted that the movement’s relationship with all Palestinian factions is excellent, and that the movement’s leadership is in constant communication with the factions, and that they have dialogue and consultations before making decisions, and adopting them by the political office.

He reiterated that failure to achieve unity will not prevent us from continuing to work on achieving it, and we do not depend on our resistance project on unity, adding that Hamas is proceeding with its project and failure to achieve unity does not hinder it from exercising its role in the resistance.

Vito Arabic

Badran said that there is a veto by some Arab parties on the entry of Hamas into the Palestine Liberation Organization, but everyone can be assured that Hamas after 30 years cannot be affected by the intensity of the occupation’s hostility, or the intensity of rivalry from those close to us, and we will not back down from our positions and constants.

He emphasized that Hamas possesses the legitimacy of resistance and sacrifice, and it has been the spearhead of resistance to the occupation for more than 20 years, and it has electoral legitimacy, as it obtained the largest share of the votes in the last elections held in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and Jerusalem.

He stressed that the movement is always ready for dialogue with all the Palestinian patriots, and to make concessions on all partisan issues, and we have already done this, but we are not ready to go in any direction to any dialogue with any party that discusses the fundamentals of the Hamas movement and its original position on resistance, the right of return, and refusal to cooperate With the occupation.

In another context, he said that the goal of the occupation’s pursuit of normalization with a number of Arab countries is to delude the Palestinians that the Arabs have abandoned them, but we know that the overwhelming majority of the peoples of our nation are with Palestine and its cause, and that the normalization of the regimes does not represent them nor express their views.