Haniyeh at the launch of Hamas: We were able to build theories of deterrence

Head of the political bureau of Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, said on Sunday that the launch of Hamas, as well as the launch of all factions, is a national occasion par excellence, and not partisan.

In a speech on the anniversary of the launch of his 33rd movement, Haniyeh stressed that the people are the one who grants legitimacy to the factions and the permanence of their survival and presence on the political and field arena.
He explained that his movement has given consideration to the resistance project, and has made an important qualitative and quantitative addition, and has its own imprint in the resistance march of the Palestinian people.
He stressed that Hamas was able to adopt the theories of deterrence, and to haunt the occupation in Gaza and the West Bank, as well as with the steadfastness of the people inside the occupied interior, and the Palestinian people abroad adhered to their right to return to the land of Palestine.
He added, “Hamas said it in the past and says it today: The castles will not fall, they will not penetrate the forts, and they will not take positions from us.”
With regard to national reconciliation, Haniyeh said that his movement since it started and until this moment will remain with the unity of the Palestinian people at home and abroad, and with reconciliation, partnership and ending the division.
He emphasized that Hamas is with the rebuilding of the national, leadership and political references of our Palestinian people, starting with the institutions of the PLO, and passing through all the institutions that sponsor and lead the affairs of our people at home and abroad, because they constitute the organizing framework for the Palestinian people, adding, “We have pushed with all strength, awareness and ability towards the success of the reconciliation path that we have started. Recently, with our brothers in the Fatah movement and the Palestinian factions. “
He added, “We have provided all that is necessary in order to bring about the required breakthrough to achieve reconciliation, but unfortunately the political rotation made by the authority by returning to the relationship with the occupation and cooperating with it and talking again about Oslo constituted a massive obstacle to achieving a breakthrough in the reconciliation that we were looking forward to.”
He emphasized that Hamas preserved the independence of its Palestinian national decision, because it stems from its appreciation for the supreme interests of the Palestinian people, adding, “We extended our hand and is still outstretched in order to build a true partnership and rebuild the institutions of the PLO so that there is a political, national and field partnership at the same time.”
He stressed that Hamas will continue its strategy of developing and building power in the Gaza Strip and will work with all our people to stimulate the resistance and its spirit in the West Bank.
He pointed out that the Palestinian people have proven, even in recent difficult years, through their individual operations, their uprising, and the protection of the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, by dropping plots and plans for the temporal and spatial division of Jerusalem, that the spirit of resistance inhabits the people.
And he continued, Hamas, which accomplished the deal of loyalty to the free, and through what is in its hands and what it can do with the resistance factions, will achieve for our prisoners freedom, liberation and the return to their families and homes.
On Arab normalization, Haniyeh called on all the elites, whether printed or not, to declare their position clearly to reject normalization, and to restore respect for their culture, thought, and awareness of their generations towards the Palestinian cause and Jerusalem.
He added, “We are following and monitoring what is happening in the region from some Arab countries, and from our Arab brothers, in the crime of normalization, which no one, neither the Palestinian people nor among the nation’s peoples, can comprehend what is happening.”
He noted that Hamas was able to build a true partnership with the nation through a strategy of openness to all countries and all components of the nation, and to restore consideration to the Arab and Islamic depth of the Palestinian cause, explaining that his movement was able to extend a network of relations with everyone from the Arab and Islamic nation, and with the free world.
He pointed out that Hamas has maintained an accurate equation, the first of which is building partnership and protecting the Arab and Islamic depth, and its second party is preserving the legal personality of Hamas and the independence of the Palestinian national decision.