The Ministry of Health in Gaza announced today, Tuesday, that 6 deaths and 396 new cases of corona have been recorded during the past 24 hours, after examining 1646 samples, which constitute 24% of the samples.

In its daily statement, the Ministry of Health indicated the death of 6 citizens in hospitals, which brings the number of deaths to 404 cases.
The Ministry of Health confirmed that 866 cases had recovered, bringing the number of recovered cases to 33,422.

The Health Ministry said that 162 injuries were recorded in Gaza Governorate and 134 injuries in Khan Yunis Governorate, while the North Governorate recorded 50 injuries, and the Central Governorate recorded 26 injuries, followed by Rafah 21 injuries, while three injuries were recorded in the rapid examination.

It indicated that a cumulative total of 43,134 injured cases, while the total active cases reached 9308.

She said that the total number of cases that need medical care in the hospital is 240, while the number of severe and critical cases is 139.
The High Emergency Committee in Gaza said it would study new measures at its Thursday meeting, in line with the epidemic situation.

Informed sources suggested that mosques would reopen without Friday prayers, and that the ban hours would be reduced to from eight in the evening to six in the morning

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