Gaza: 9 deaths and 437 new cases of Corona

The Ministry of Health in Gaza announced today, Wednesday, that nine deaths and 437 new cases of corona were recorded during the past twenty-four hours, after examining 2,247 samples, which constitute 19.4% of the samples.
In its daily statement, the Ministry of Health indicated that nine citizens died in hospitals, which brings the number of deaths to 462 cases.
Health has confirmed 708 cases, bringing the number of recovered cases to 38,739.
It indicated that a cumulative total of 46,524 injured cases, while the total active cases reached 7323 cases.
She said that the total number of cases that need medical care in the hospital is 197, while the number of severe and critical cases is 105.
The director of the European Hospital had talked about a stabilization of the epidemiological situation and a decrease in the number of infections with the Coronavirus, stressing that there is an expectation for an increase in the number of infections again.
He stressed that some of those who died from the Corona virus sat at home, did not expose themselves to health care and relied on drugs such as fever reducers.