Talib Atef Al-Sweerky, a member of the General Secretariat of the General Union of Palestinian Workers and a member of the Central Committee of the Palestinian Popular Struggle Front, in the stand of solidarity with the prisoners in front of the headquarters of the International Committee of the Cross in Gaza City.
This came in the global campaign launched by the General Union of Palestinian Workers and in cooperation with the World Federation of Workers in Greece to show solidarity with the prisoners behind bars in the occupation prisons and to shed light on the suffering of the prisoners and demand the world to stand by our prisoners and provide for their needs in light of the spread of the Corona virus, inside prisons.
Al-Swireky confirmed that what the occupation government and the Israeli Prison Authority are doing to withdraw sterilization materials and detergents from inside prisons has led to an increase in Corona virus infections among the prisoners, which poses a threat to the lives of the prisoners.
He called on the international community and the United Nations to intervene urgently to save the lives of the prisoners, calling on the International Criminal Court to hold the occupation leaders accountable for the crimes committed against our prisoners.
“The systematic killings that our prisoners are subjected to as a result of the policy of medical negligence, oppression and torture, preventing visits and denying them the most basic rights guaranteed to them by all international conventions and covenants to protect prisoners, requires the World Health Organization and human rights and humanitarian institutions to intervene urgently to save prisoners from an epidemic and virus,” Al-Swirky added. (Corona) “.
He called on the International Committee of the Red Cross to put pressure on the occupation government to provide for all the prisoners’ needs in the face of the Coronavirus.

Al-Swireky called on all of our Palestinian people in various places of his presence to take a positive and supportive move to support the prisoners ’steadfastness and pressure the Prisons Authority to provide all preventive needs against the spread of the Corona virus.