& quot; freedom & quot;  It demands pressure on the occupation to take measures to prevent the spread of Corona among the prisoners

The group of human rights organizations called the “Freedom” of the Red Cross and a number of personalities and international bodies to pressure the Israeli occupation authorities to take the necessary measures to prevent the spread of the Corona virus among Palestinian prisoners and detainees and hold the occupation authorities legally responsible for that, referring to the occupation authorities’ refusal to provide the vaccine Against this virus for the Palestinian prisoners, especially after more than 140 prisoners were infected with the virus recently in the year 2020.

The group said in its message that the occupation authorities are seeking through this to liquidate them, which contravenes the obligations of the Israeli occupation authorities as an occupying power, and represents a grave violation of the Geneva Conventions that require humane treatment of prisoners of war at all times.

He explained that the commitment of the international community to protect detainees and prisoners is not a new commitment in international relations. Rather, there are many principles that can be relied upon to establish the duty to protect detainees and prisoners. Therefore, we call on you to impose meaningful control over the behavior of the occupation authorities towards the prisoners, and to pressure the occupation authorities to take all The necessary preventive measures to stop the spread of Coronavirus among Palestinian prisoners and detainees.