Simulate the occurrence of a war .. A maneuver of the Israeli army that will last for a month

The Hebrew newspaper “Israel Hayom” reported, on Wednesday, that the Israeli army will conduct a military exercise next summer, simulating the occurrence of a war, and will continue for nearly a month.

According to the newspaper, this is the first time that the army announces a maneuver that may last for nearly a month, indicating that it will be during May or next June.

The army believes that despite the Israeli combat doctrine that urges quick resolution, it became clear that most of the recent wars take about a month or more, like the 2014 war on Gaza, which lasted 51 days.

According to the newspaper, all the arms and people in the Israeli army, even reserve ones, will participate in the maneuver, but those familiar with the details of the maneuver have questioned the ability of the Israeli army to conduct a maneuver that lasts a whole month in light of budget deficits and the corona.

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