The gathering of independent Palestinian personalities: the unity of the situation is the only way to achieve the goals of our people

gathering of independent Palestinian personalities issued a press release on the occasion of the Palestinian Martyr’s Day, which falls on Thursday, stressing the path of the martyrs, stressing the unity of the Palestinian people in all their places, pointing out that the unity of the situation and the decision is the only way to reach To the Palestinian people’s goals of freedom and independence.

The following is the text of the statement as “Dunya Al Watan” arrived:  First – The gathering is easy on the path of the martyrs. They are more generous than us all in order to reach freedom. Second – We affirm the unity of our Palestinian people in all their places of existence, and that the unity of the position and decision is the only way to reach the goals of our people in freedom and independence.

Do not consider those who were killed for the sake of God to be dead, but are alive with their Lord. They will receive the great truthfulness of God

on the day of the Palestinian martyr, which collides on 1/7 of every year. Us the way with their blood. On this anniversary, we pay our respects to the martyrs of Palestine, asking them mercy and forgiveness. The gathering of independent personalities confirms the following:

Third – In light of this memory, which we are passing through in extremely difficult situations, we affirm that the speed in achieving the unity of the Palestinian ranks is the basic rule that the gathering seeks and works for. Fifthly – the assembly affirms the right of our people to an independent state with Jerusalem as its capital, and urges the international community to implement its decisions that guarantee the establishment of the Palestinian state as well as the need to provide protection for our people from occupation.

Fourth – On this generous anniversary, the gathering affirms its thanks and appreciation for all the efforts that arrived to exchange messages confirming the readiness to hold elections, which we hope will be a model that reflects the advancement of our people.