The Interior, Security and Local Governance Committee in the Legislative Council in the Gaza Strip headed by Representative Ismail Al-Ashqar held a hearing session for the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior and National Security, Major General Tawfiq Abu Naim, in the presence of the deputies Dr. Marwan Abu Ras, reporter of the committee, and Dr. Salem Salama, Younis Abu Daqqa, and Dr. Jamila Shanti.

In answering the questions of the representatives, Major General Abu Naim reviewed the achievements of the past year 2020, and evaluated the work of the Ministry of Interior regarding the measures taken to maintain the general situation within the governorates of the Gaza Strip, and limit the spread of the Corona pandemic.

The committee discussed with Abu Naim many issues, including attacks on Palestinian police personnel in some areas, ways to deal with this problem by the Ministry, and some of the concerns and difficulties that the Ministry’s work suffers from.

Deputy Al-Ashqar emphasized the pioneering role of the Ministry of Interior in following up on public affairs and maintaining community peace and security, appreciating the efforts made by the Ministry in light of the general conditions and pressures that the Palestinian community suffers from.

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