Abu al-Khair: The rate of registration for the elections in the governorates of the Gaza Strip is high

, the coordinator of the elections department in the Gaza Strip, Muhammad Abu al-Khair, revealed the registration rate for the Palestinian elections 2021.

Abu al-Khair explained in statements on (Zaman) Radio that the registration rate at the level of the governorates of the country is large, and this promises good.

Abu al-Khair attributed the reason for the large voter registration rate, due to the many years that have passed since the last elections, adding that there are a large number of people who have the right to participate.

Abu al-Khair pointed out that the date of February 16 is the last day in which to register for the elections, stressing that no citizen will be able to vote if he is not registered before this date.

He stressed that the committee will start updating the voter registry on February 10, and no citizen is entitled to participate in the elections except for those who have a name in the voter register.

Abu al-Khair pointed out that the previous registration since the last elections has been in place and is not canceled, and the record is happening regularly, calling on those who did not find their name registered to initiate registration again. To ensure his right to vote.

And Abu al-Khair added, “After the presidential decree was issued, regarding holding elections, these decrees talk about specific dates for holding elections.”

Regarding the amendments to the election law, Abu al-Khair affirmed that the amendments were made by national consensus, noting that every step and law is considered anywhere that has negative and positive aspects.

Abu al-Khair explained that there is a difference between the change in the election law and the judicial law, calling on citizens to differentiate between them, and not to mix the election committee with the roles of others.

The Coordinator of the Elections Commission in Gaza directed the citizens that the election will be by selecting a complete list, pointing out that the name of the list inside the ballot paper will be via a specific name or symbol and will not carry names, calling on everyone to monitor the names of the lists through the committee’s website and the electoral campaign. To learn about the names within each list and determine its opinion.

Abu al-Khair emphasized that the arrangement within the lists is binding, indicating that their arrangement is not absurd, and that it has its role in the election results.

He explained that the first three names on the lists include a woman, and this is what the new election law has done, stressing that the conditions for accepting the list are that women rank within the list on this basis.