The captive movement sends an urgent message to the Palestinian delegations participating in the Cairo dialogue

An urgent message was sent from the captive movement in the occupation prisons to the delegations of the negotiating factions in Cairo.
The captive movement called on all factions “to make the issue of our liberation a priority, and strive for it by all means, and in all places, and that a Palestinian prisoner is martyred while he is chained after more than 25 years of his arrest, and his body is detained, which is a matter that calls for him to stand with him for a lengthy period.” That all factions assume responsibility for launching the largest project to free prisoners. “
The following is the text of the message:

Honorable brothers / heads and members of delegations from all factions.
Peace, mercy and blessings of God Almighty..

Based on our sense of responsibility, and our sense of the seriousness of the stage our cause is going through, and our sense of the historical opportunity to arrange our Palestinian home to advance our liberation project and sweep the usurper occupation away from our occupied land, and to straighten the compass to resist the occupation occupation projects in all of our occupied land, on top of which is occupied Jerusalem, and the ongoing Judaization and imposition of an order A reality and at the heart of it is Al-Aqsa Mosque. We are from the absence of prisons, despite our breathlessness due to the Corona epidemic with its Zionist boom, and despite the fatigue that afflicted our bodies and despite the suffocation of our voices, our souls which we sold for the sake of our just cause will carry us despite the fatigue and exhaustion that befell the bodies, * and we are in This maqam let us call for the following:

First: We call on all factions to make the issue of our liberation a priority and strive for it by all means and in all places. A Palestinian prisoner is martyred while he is chained after more than “25” years of his arrest and his body is detained, which is a matter that calls for standing with him for a lengthy period, and it is imperative that you endure all The factions responsible for launching the largest project to free the prisoners, and we in this place salute the valiant resistance that has the reasons for our freedom, and we call on everyone to stand behind the resistance to achieve our freedom, and we also call on everyone to pledge that the prisoners’ issue will be the subject of consensus and keep it away from any political conflict, and in this place we also call To correct the mistake and lift the injustice that occurred against a number of heroic prisoners by returning their dues that were cut from them.
We also stress the need to protect the legitimacy of our struggle and not reveal our backs before the Zionist enemy by going for settlements on our rights that have been approved by Palestinian laws that we are proud of.
Second: We call on all factions to agree on a consensual political program for this stage and after the elections, we are in a stage of national liberation, and that the minimum for these programs is the National Accord Document and the outcomes of the General Secretaries General meeting held between Lebanon and Palestine.
Third: We call for the elections to be successful and the defense of their results, and to proceed to the end by electing the second phase of the National Council, as stated in the decrees.
Fourth: Releasing freedoms in both parts of the country, “the West Bank and Gaza Strip”, in all the meaning of the word.
Fifthly: We call for a pledge by everyone, regardless of the results and proportions of the elections, that a national unity government will be formed that will address the citizens’ problems and provide for the steadfastness needs to achieve, liberate and establish our independent, sovereign state.
Sixth: Not to waste the electoral propaganda in light of the conditions that our people live in.
Seventh: We call on everyone to have a place in the electoral lists worthy of the sacrifices of the prisoners as a message to the world that we are a people that respects their militants and mujahideen, and it does not matter to us how some of the unjust world sees us, and everyone should respect the choice of our people, and on top of it is their reverence and admiration for the sacrifices of their militants and their captive fighters.
In conclusion: We say to our people and to the factions: No matter how much the occupation tries to vanquish us and leave us, we will remain the loudest voice for our right from the advance trench to fight the enemy, and we will continue to carry the trust of the martyrs, and we trust the vitality of our people and their miracles for the sake of liberating people and the land.
“God often on the order, but most people do not know”