Gaza: Two deaths and 148 new cases of Corona

The Ministry of Health in Gaza announced today, Tuesday, that two deaths and 148 new cases of corona have been recorded within 24 hours, after examining 1618 samples, which constitute 9.1% of the samples, in the lowest percentage in several months.
In its daily statement, the Ministry of Health indicated that two deaths were recorded in the European Hospital, bringing the number of deaths to 531 since the beginning of the pandemic.
The Ministry of Health confirmed that 264 cases had recovered, bringing the number of recovered cases to 48,714.

It indicated that a cumulative total of 52,747 injured cases, while the total active cases reached 3502 cases.

She said that the total number of cases that need medical care in the hospital is 64, while the number of severe and critical cases is 36.

With the decrease in the number of new people infected with the Coronavirus, the number of citizens who need health care as a result of their infection with the virus inside the Ministry of Health hospitals decreases to slightly higher than a hundred.

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