Gaza Strip: Daily Corona injuries continue to rise

The Gaza Strip, today, Sunday, continued to record an increase in the number of daily Coronavirus infections.
This comes after the Ministry of Health in Gaza announced that 212 new cases of Coronavirus were recorded in the second session on Sunday.

She added: The total number of injuries is 358, after examining 2576 samples, with an infection rate of about 14%.

Yesterday, Saturday, the Gaza Strip recorded 4 deaths and 307 new cases of Corona virus in the sector, during the past 24 hours.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza confirmed that all indications indicate that the Gaza Strip has entered a new wave of (Corona) virus, since March, in light of the gradual increase in the number of positive cases within the community, and serious and critical cases in hospitals.

The ministry said in a press conference, today, Sunday, on the developments of the (Corona) virus outbreak in the Gaza Strip: “The difficult and frightening developments taking place in the countries of the world and the regions surrounding the Gaza Strip, especially in the West Bank, require maintaining the highest levels of readiness and caution.”

She added, “The total number of cases that need medical care in hospitals reached 113 cases, while the total of severe and critical cases reached 75,” noting that there is a noticeable increase in the number of people visiting respiratory triage centers in hospitals, and they suffer from respiratory symptoms of various degrees.

In the context, the Ministry of Health in Gaza confirmed that the number of positive cases recorded for this day exceeds 300, and this is the first time that the index of injuries has increased in months.

She indicated that vaccines against the (Covid 19) virus had started to be given to the most vulnerable groups, especially the elderly and health staff, as the total of those who received the vaccine reached 11,000 people, stressing the need for specific groups to take vaccines to the health centers designated to provide Vaccines them quickly; In order to protect their health and safety.

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