خمسون اسرة مشردة منذ عدوان 2014 من سكان برج الايطالى بغزة

The families of Burj Al Italy organized a protest stand against the procrastination of the Minister of Housing and Works in the decision to build the tower, which was destroyed by the occupation forces with their treacherous planes and destroyed hopes and demolished the dreams of the families of the tower who lived in it. For the procrastination and false promises of a date to build the tower, especially after obtaining the construction contracting contract on 9/12/2020, and they waited for the implementation to no avail.

The residents of the tower chanted, demanding to speed up construction of the tower and reunite them after a long suffering between rent and transportation.

The Tower Board of Directors delivered a statement in which it stated: 
We come today to raise our voice loudly in the face of the marginalization and injustice that he was subjected to six and a half years ago, as we have suffered and are still suffering, so it is not hidden from anyone what the tower was exposed to from the devastating bombing of the Israeli warplanes during the 2014 aggression which displaced fifty families, who number Three hundred and fifty citizens have experienced all kinds of torment from the moment of fear, terror and terror they were subjected to during the bombing and the subsequent displacement and loss of all beautiful memories, shortage of property and furniture, payment of rents and instability through the search for decent housing, and the continuation of the residents suffering from stopping the payment of rent By UNRWA and UNDP, which exacerbated the suffering.

Here and before the formation of Dr. Shtayyeh’s government, we were optimistic and waited for a minister who would feel the suffering of the people and go about the project to build the tower far away in order to reassure the citizens, and bring joy and smiles to the destroyed families. On 9/12/2020, we waited for the implementation to no avail, and today six months pass for this signature, and in fact there is no justification for any official, especially for the minister, who did not charge his mind to reassure the population even with a word.
And here we are today, we begin our first protest steps in front of the office of the Minister who comes to Gaza every week and no one knows anything about him. And in the face of this bitter reality, we confirm the following:

First: Asking the Prime Minister to issue his orders immediately to the Minister of Housing to grant the contractor the execution order and start work. To build the tower.
Second: Asking the UNRWA Relief Agency to pay rent for the previous period to the tenants, and continuing to do so until the homeless return to their apartments in the tower after its reconstruction.

Third: We announce that we will continue the protest steps until the start of building the tower and dealing seriously with the oppressed population, who feel a great disappointment from the decision-makers.

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