Chairman of the Committee for the Administration of Prisoners and Executives Affairs in the Southern Governorates, Mr. Hassan Quneita, affirmed that what the occupation authorities are doing is to arrest Palestinians in prisons and detention centers outside the occupied territories of 1967, keeping them without basic and humanitarian needs, and not finding alternatives for communication between prisoners and their families, The failure to transfer their needs from the people constitutes a violation of Article 76 of the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949.

In a statement that reached together, international institutions, headed by the International Red Cross Organization, called on the occupation to put pressure on the occupation to receive the prisoners’ needs and deliver them to them, and to resume the program of visits with temporary technology similar to the courts that the occupation authorities carry out through (video conference), considering that a visit to the prisoner is a right guaranteed by international agreements. Especially the Third and Fourth Geneva Conventions.

Quneita indicated that the prisoners and former detainees have achieved, through many struggles and martyrs, the conditions for regular visits, in addition to special visits, the entry of second-degree relatives, the admission of children for the last quarter of an hour of the visit, and the introduction of the prisoners’ needs of clothes, shoes, blankets and some food needs.

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