Sinwar, in his first statement after his re-election, said: We will work to free the prisoners

Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar said on Wednesday that he would work to free the prisoners.
In his first statement during the visit of his rival, Engineer Nizar Awad Allah, he added, “We hope that the process of releasing prisoners will soon be urgent. We promise the female prisoners in prisons that we carry your concerns and strive to free you, and we will soon be on a date with freedom.”
And he continued, for the people in Gaza who have endured the siege, poverty, unemployment and all kinds of injustice in the next few years, we will be closer to their pain and we will not sleep at night and we will not fall asleep during the day until we achieve a decent and free life for you until we continue together the path of liberation and return.
He reaffirmed to the citizens of the West Bank their support to stop the occupation’s incursion into their lands in the processes of settlement, Judaization and oppression.

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