Gaza: 6 deaths and 723 new cases of coronavirus

 The Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip announced today, Thursday, that 6 deaths and 723 new cases of Coronavirus have been recorded, after 2555 laboratory tests have been conducted during the past 24 hours, which is equivalent to 28% of the samples.
In its daily statement, the Ministry of Health confirmed the death of 6 citizens in its hospitals, bringing the number to 884 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic.
The Ministry of Health indicated that 1,404 new cases of people infected with Coronavirus have recovered, bringing the total of those recovering to 85,911 cases.
It said that the total cumulative of the injured was 100,405, while the number of active cases reached 13610 cases.
She explained that the total number of cases that need medical care in the hospital is 334, while the total of severe and critical cases is 243.
The Ministry of Health in Gaza sent 200 samples to the World Health Organization in occupied Jerusalem to verify the quality of the mutations present in the sector, amid fears of entering the Indian boom.
Health in Gaza confirms that the sector is still living since the tenth of April, the peak of the spread of the Corona virus, calling on citizens to take more strict measures.