Israel asks the Palestinian Authority for a security lull in Jerusalem, and the latter has not met the demands of the occupation

The Lebanese (Al-Mayadeen) TV said, at dawn on Saturday, that Israel had asked the Palestinian Authority to calm down the security situation in the city of Jerusalem.
The channel added, citing unnamed sources, that the Palestinian Authority did not respond to the demands of the occupation, stressing that its demand was to implement the elections in occupied Jerusalem.
Large clashes erupted in the occupied city of Jerusalem, since last Thursday night, between youths and the occupation forces, resulting in 105 injuries, while clashes erupted in several cities in the West Bank in response to the occupation attacks.
In the same context, the resistance factions in Gaza fired four rockets towards the enclosure of the Strip, after they warned the occupation to continue its aggression against the people of the Holy City.
Adnan Ghaith, Governor of Jerusalem, described the international situation as a “stain of disgrace,” stressing that the people of Jerusalem would not stand idly by in the face of the attacks and the orgy of the occupation in the city.