Ministry of Education and Higher Education, in Gaza, reported that 46 government schools and two buildings for the education departments of North and West Gaza have been damaged as a result of the ongoing Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip.

The ministry said in a press statement, today, Thursday, that the affected schools were bombed, directly or indirectly, according to what was reported by the local government agency (Al-Rai) in Gaza.

She explained that the damage included shattering windows, doors and windows, cracks and collapses in the walls, smashing school tools, and deep digging in school yards, in addition to bombing roads leading to schools.

The ministry affirmed that the Gaza Strip suffers mainly from the lack of schools due to the blockade on Gaza and the prevention of the entry of building materials, and that targeting existing schools is a systematic Israeli plan and policy to eliminate education and destroy its infrastructure, pointing out that the bombing of schools is a crime committed by the Zionist occupation, which is a flagrant violation of all covenants. And international norms and the right to education that the world proclaims.

The Ministry called on the international community, human rights institutions and institutions interested in education, such as the United Nations, (UNESCO), (UNICEF), the International Education Group and the Joint European Funding JFA, to condemn and denounce the aggression against schools and educational facilities, and to work seriously to rebuild the damaged schools.