More than 500 Democrats have signed a letter calling on US President Joe Biden to do more to protect Palestinian human rights, and to hold Israel accountable for the disproportionate number of deaths during the recent escalation.

The Washington Post reported that the letter was signed by employees and organizers who worked at President Biden’s national campaign headquarters, in the Democratic National Committee and in 22 states, including the swing states in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and Arizona, And others.

A Palestinian-American employee, director of digital organization for the Democratic Party in Wisconsin during the 2020 session Heba Muhammad, said in a statement to the (Washington Post): “President Biden should do better … The ceasefire in the latest bombing campaign is welcome.” But the suffering of the Palestinians continues because there has been no end to the Israeli blockade of Gaza, annexation of land in the West Bank, mass arrests and raids, ethnic cleansing, illegal occupation, and 73 years of expropriation from the Palestinians. “

While the letter praises Biden’s recent efforts to broker a temporary peace, the signatories call on the administration to demand that the Israeli government end settlement expansion in the West Bank, join international allies in pressing for an end to Israeli violations of international law, and allow humanitarian measures in Gaza to facilitate emergency evacuations and “” Supporting the Palestinians’ right to self-determination. “

Matan Arad Nyman, an Israeli American employee and co-author of the letter who used to work as an organizer in the state of Arizona, condemned the administration for its continued sale of weapons to Israel, citing the proposed $ 735 million arms sale that the Biden administration recently approved.

“As a proud Israeli American to help elect Biden in Arizona, I am terrified of the daily nightmare of occupation and apartheid,” he said.

Nieman added, “The American failure to abide by human rights violations committed by the Israeli government, all while the administration continues to sell arms to Israel, does not help my family in Israel or maintain their safety.”

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