The General Union of Palestinian Industries in the Gaza Strip condemned, the systematic and deliberate Israeli targeting of factories and vital economic facilities in the Gaza Strip, the latest of which was the destruction of the FOMCO sponge factory in the northern Gaza Strip.

In a press statement, the Union said that the occupation continues, for the eighth consecutive day, to target industrial and economic facilities as part of its war on the sector, to destroy the remaining economic, service and infrastructure facilities, whose losses since the beginning of the aggression exceed 200 million US dollars.
The union added that there is no justification for the Israeli targeting of industrial, economic and civil facilities that do not pose any danger to the occupation, stressing that this comes within the occupation policies to destroy Palestinian capabilities, tighten the Israeli blockade on the Strip, and inflict the largest amount of financial losses in the Palestinian economy.
The Union demanded the necessity to neutralize industrial and economic establishments, civilian facilities and citizens’ homes from military operations, which all international laws stipulated for their protection.
The Union called on all Arab and international parties and the United Nations to put pressure on the Israeli occupation to protect our Palestinian people, and to stop its violations that targeted various areas of life in the Gaza Strip.